Association of Textile Engineers and Technologist – ATET is a dynamic association of textile engineers.

ATET runs with their following mission:

  • To promote efficiency in the Textile Engineering practices and profession.
  • To regulate the professional activities and assist in maintaining high standards in the general conduct of its members.
  • To help in the acquisition and interchange of technical knowledge among its members.
  • To promote the professional interests and social welfare of its members.
  • To encourage original research in Textile Engineering.
  • To foster co-ordination with similar Textile Engineering institutions and colleges in Bangladesh and in other countries, for mutual benefits in furthering the objects of Association.
  • To diffuse among its members information on all matters affecting engineering and to encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information.
  • To co-operate with various Government Agencies and Industrial and Commercial Enterprises connected with Textile engineering and advising them in matters concerning the profession and practices of Textile engineering and promotion of technical Textile education.
  • To arrange Technical Seminar, Symposium etc.

Contact Details:

Md.Aminul islam(president)


Md.jamal chwdary Sohag (General sectary)


House:11, Road:14,Sector:11,Uttara

Dhaka, Bangladesh